The North East CAN/USA

Driving, driving, driving, … making miles was the target fro the first days. So I hit the road from Halifax in Novo Scotia and then new Brunswick, the two north eastern provinces in Canada. I almost did not stop. I enjoyed the ride though and the different scene. Highways are bigger, cars are bigger, people are…, petrol is rather cheap, accomodation is not as expected but reasonable in priceing, people are nice, the weather is great and dry.

First stop after Halifax has been just in front of the US border at Woodstock (New Brunswick, Canada). 15 Minutes after leaving the Motel I hit the US Border and passed without further issues after 30 minutes and a fee of 6 USD. So this is the USA now, I thought, … looking down the highway and nothing for many miles.

Next stop over night was in North Convay, New Hapshire, right on the foot of Mount Washington, the tallest mountain east of the Missisippi, and the spot with the fastest winds ever measured. Weather was not that good on the top, but all the nice pics can be found on the internet. Mine is having me on. 😉

Beside the road there is also a train going up; many do it hiking, but not that day.

[foogallery id=”601″]

Then after climbing this mountain, which was not a big challenge if you are familiar with the Alps, I took the road to wards the west with the target to see the Nigara Falls.

They are famous like everyone knows. Walking arround on the USA side and having the Victoria Falls in the back head, I thought, ok this is it then: The Niagara Falls. I took some pictures, enjoyed some converations and off I went to the canadian side. Then I understood why they are famous. Great place to be. I decided to stay that night, looked up a Motel which was not easy since it was high season and a Saturday.

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At night and went to the Casino, where I could not understand why so many people get attrackted by gambling in a room without windows in a pure artificial place.

So in sequence I traveled the national states Novo Scotia (CAN), New Brunswick (CAN), Maine (USA), New Hampshire (USA), Vermont (USA) , New York (State, USA), Ontario (CAN), Michigan (USA), so far.
“I will update the route on tracking as soon as I Know how to do that. First attempts failed so far”