Supportive Info

I shipped the bike RoRo from Germany to Hilfax/Canada with the support of Intime from Hamburg ( and had good contact with Mr. O.Kleinknecht

For the transport from Panama to Colombia (the Panamericana is disconnected there, because of the Damien Gap) I booked a ticket with Stahlratte ( So far quick contact be email and Facebook.

Faires and meetings:
+ Have been at the Intermot in Munich (typically in JAN/FEB), check the net
All major motocycle manufacturers, tuners and equiment makers are present. Good for basic information and flyers and booklets and some tech-talk.
+ Have been at the Touratech Days in Niedereschach (at Touratech HQ)
Great event with lots of useful information. Some big players have a booth. Check the Touratech website for the details and when the next annual event is scheduled.
+ Have been at the BMW days in Garmisch-Patenkirchen (one hour south of Munich).
Since BMW is the host you find everything about their models, accessories and activities. The big players are arround and you find everything you need from tires, cameras, tour operators, bags and panniers, helmets, and and and. Check the web when the next event is scheduled.

Triumph is organizing the Tri-Days in Austria. Lookup their website for details.
There are other fairs in Cologne (Köln), Milano (Mailand) and and and. Check the web for the closest one to you.