Interrim Status 24SEP14

Hi out there,

sorry to be late with news, but the last four weeks have been driven my the countless kilometers I have done. ( it’s about 16.000km already).

Short line up: Halifax, Detroit, Niagara Falls, Edmonton, Whitehorse, Fairbanks, Dead Horse (yes I made it, far north of Alaska), Fairbanks, Anchorage, Denali HWY, Dawson City, Stewart, Jasper, Banff, Calgary)

(The Antiguan pass, 1400m, Dalton HWY, just ice free for a couple of days and beside other stories a good day to ride it)

I am in Calgary now and will get new tires tomorrow. I am hit with summer weather and unexpected 27 degrees celsius. I manage well to be ahead of winter and had pleasant driving. (2 days rain, 3 hours snow rain at 2.5 degrees celsius, against in total 16.000km is a great ratio; seems all the best wishes from you reached me.)

Tomorrow I will have time to work on the website and upload data.

Greets from Calgary, Alberta, Canada