Michigan, USA (Friends)

After the Niagara falls I visited my old buddy and friend from university Frank and family in Howell, MI. Actually I arrived on Sunday and stayed till Thursday.
He is the general manager of a German company’s subsidiary in the US involved in automotive business. We had great talks and I enjoyed my time with him, Kirsten and the three kids, Lina, Lennard and Amelie and the connecting soul Linus, a Labrador. It was difficult for me to leave, since I felt so well from the first minute (OK Linus took a sec, but then we have been buddies, … was probably the helmet and the motor bike he was afraid of.)

We had fun on the lake, BBQ, went shopping (tent, sleeping bag and other stuff) and had a ride with the motorbike and each of the kids. In short, we had fun !

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Thank you guys for that pleasant stay at yours. For sure I will be back !

One evening I was in Troy at a short dinner with some colleagues. Was good to see you again guys !
(SUN 24AUG to THU 28AUG)

— I Change to diary style, so that is more convenient for me in tracking and pick and place later under the country page—

From Howell, MI to Sault St. Marie, Mi (510km)
For those who want to tell me that ‘Sault St. Marie’ is in Ontario, Canada, I stayed in the same named town on the south side of the river, which is in Michigan, US. So there are two ‘Sault St. Marie’. I was just driving, nothing special. Stopped here and there for outdoor gear (still looking for a fuel cooker and a air mattress, and …) but could find what I was looking for. Also the camera of choice was less available, the more north I went. 1st time ever I filled up the tank, went on the highway, 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6 gear, cruise control (yes my Triumph has one), and then 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 gear, off to the petrol station without a curve, obstacle or to slow down. It should not have been the last time. But its not boring, it was just different. Empty coutryside, something that is rare where I was born. New experience and fun also. Truckers see the foreign number plate and greet; thumbs up.