Preparation and arrival in Halifax/Canada

Location: Amsterdam, Motel at HWY 90, NY (state)
Tour Day: 3
Date: 22AUG2014
Status:-UPDATE 1- under construction

… how to start … its my first real post, I might modify it again, however, every journey starts with the first step. So I did.

My mom and my sister drove me to Frankfurt airport. The past days have been so exhausting that I did not realise that the trip starts now. It was a crazy feeling of emptyness that I never had before. But the tour started that way and it was ok.

The flight from Frankfurt to Halifax was a good one. No birthday upgrade, but a seat on the emergency exit gave me a lot of space for my legs. Entertainment system, … well I needed to by ear phones, since I checked in mine with my luggage, and then I found out that there are only two movies available; all others, yes, can be released with paying again. But the flight was good. Halifax had 2 weeks of rain and when I arrived, 23 degrees in the early evening and a mild breeze. Great welcome to Canada !!!


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Transport to my hostel was easy and the room was ok for that price. I was so exited to see my motor bike again, that I woke up at 6am already. I repacked all my luggage (after the quick pack at home), took a shower and went off for the bank to pay tax and duties for my motor bike. “Money Order” was the key word. I understood I go to the bank and pay 170.50 CAD cash to the given account. Instead what they wanted me to do was to pay the money in on a “money order” and bring that piece of paper back to the agent. I learned later that the money order is kind of “cheque”… and that I did wrong paying in straight. So this is how it went.
Bank opened at 8am; money paid there; agency opened at 8:30, I was on time; then they asked for the money order, I said “here is my prove that I paid cash in “, then they said “Never saw this before. What we need to do is check in 2 hours when the guys in Baltimore are in the office, and see if your cash is in. Then you need to be at 1583 Hollis Street at customs”. Thats 10 min walking distance from the agent office. “Ok” I said and left. I won 2hrs of spare time :-(.
Had a type of breakfast we did in SOuth Africa 15years ago which means go to the supermarket by some stuff and eat directly on the parking lot.

I looked out for the customs building, and found out that there is no building at 1583 Hollis Street, but a construction site. Walked back to the agent and told them there is no building … they said “cant be !”, then they found out that it was true and gave me a new address. I went there and customs was done in like 3 minutes. 🙂

“So where can I get the bike now ?” I asked. Well its in the harbour … take ferry then the bus then the taxi, ….. lucky me a other local guy said, “Its almost on my way, if you want I drop you off there.” So we went, 25minutes later I had the motor bike in front of me, no damage and all worked out great.
Went to the petrol station, fueled up and then to the hostel. I was very late for check out. Normally 12 o’clock, it was 12:40 when I arrived. I geared up and left. Sunny weather, empty roads. Everything was just perfectly fine. And I am happy. Let the games begin !