Interrim Status, Peru

22JAN2015, Ayacucho, Peru
First of all, I like to confess that I am very bad in reporting on this website. My days are full with highlights, driving and exploring and in the evening the energy for working online is just non-existent. 🙂

Shorey to Santiago de Chuco, breathtaking view

So I am in the southern Mountains of Peru now. The trendy way to come south from Lima to Cusco which is the gate to Machu Picchu is to come down the coast via Nasca (where the famous Nascas are, the signs in the earth, that are visible by plane, and noone knows how and who did them). I left tis aside and traded it in for the mountains. I am traveling with a couple from Oakland, California/US, native from Chile, Felipe and Silviana, on their Suzuki V-Storm. Tuesday we did hard to leave Lima since a lot of traffic, heat and pollution but then a mountain with the peak of 4818m; so far a new record. It was tough since at the top we had 1 degree celsius, snow and melted snow. But we had fun. Its a incredible experience, starting at sea level and reaching 4800m without a stop.

And yesterday it was like i knew it from the north peruvian mountains. Rain on, rain off, rain on, rain off, but when sunny with a incredible view and curves, curves curves, on single lane roads, partly with asphalt, mainly without, water crossings, small water falls, friendly people, kids that run to you when you stop, old people who smile on you and and and…. this is the good thing leaving the touristic highways where everybody goes…. I love it.

The motorcycle is having more issues now, i still try to find out what is going on with the cooling system… and the front wheel brakes do not fully open … I did not realise till Felipe told me, I keep an eye on it and will look-up in Cusco. Else its just a pleasure to ride it. A little bit over loaded with all the gear and the driver, but that’s not to blame the bike for.

Some people call me Rocky Balboa now. A peruvian bee loved me that much that it bite me on my forehead. One eye was completely swollen and the other one 50%, so that I needed a break in Chachapoyas. That was about 2 weeks ago. Knowing I am allergic it was no surprise to me but to the others. Now I am fine again.

Bee bite in Peru, picture after 4 hours, went worse...

Now I am heading south towards Cusco, to see the famous Machu Picchu, and to have the Peruvian Tourism Officials with one hand on my pocket. I expect the entire visit to cost 250 USD. Train entrance, tour guide and probably a souvenir. But its one of the Top 5 to see in entire South America, so let’s do it.

On the way to Canyon del Pato, Duck-Canyon, Entenschlucht

Over all I recommend a visit to Peru, best on motorcycle of course, but even without it’s a great place !

Hasta Luego, bis bald, CU soon,