West Mexico (Coast line Sinaloa to Guadalajara)

La PAZ, Baja California Sud to Matzatlan, Sinaloa (Ferry Boat)
I met Chris, a Canadian who is living in Denver, 36, on his Honda 650ccm, on the Thursday ferry from La Paz to Mazatlan. That every 2nd day ferry took 18 hours and was fully booked since the Tuesday ferry was canceled due to a small hurricane. The crossing of the Sea of Cortez was smooth and without any trouble.
We should have arrived at 11am but where late and could not deload easily because the full ferry needed to deload trucks first. So we left 2:30pm with the goal to arrive in Guadalajara.

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Matzatlan, Sinaloa to Esquinapa, Sinaloa (100km)
After about 100km the adventure started. The Engine of Chris had a bad noise, smoke and oil leak. We stopped in Esquinapa, Sinaloa. We had a look at it in a side street. Chris look for tools in his luggage and I started to talk with people… like always. There was Mario, a retired farmer (or farming employee), warm-hearted, smiling, with a John Deere Cap on his head, and his friends making jokes… After a few words the amazing hospitality happen. He bought us two coconuts from next door, opened it with a machete (for the coconut water) to refresh us, gave us a delicious Mango, made a young guy from next door call Juan the mechanic,and while we waited he gave us gave us dry Mango with chili and we talked a lot sitting with his friends in the sun at 30 degrees celsius while we waited for the mechanic. We discussed the best Hotel to stay and have had a funny time.

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An hour later Juan showed up and showed us where the Engine leaked. He came over in his free time. So we had 400 meters to the Hotel and checked in and started to dis-assemble the Honda. A Chinese, neighbour to the Hotel, showed up and helped us. We could not talk since we had no language in common. So hands and feet helped out.
At 6pm the sun set and we stopped working and went for dinner. We walked down the road and passed two young guys with John Deere caps on. I turned round to ask them where to by these cap. This way we met Norman who took us to a bar for 2-3 beers and later we had tacos on the street fresh cooked by a family open air kitchen cooking. (This is unknown in germany, people just cooking on the street and selling the food). Just delicious food and while eating Norman told us local stuff and we told him from us. Mexican, Canadian and German farmer boys as it turned out to be. We returned to the hotel. All bars closed at 9pm. No beer available since Oxxo (the local response on 7eleven) is not allowed to sell it after 9pm. We found a guy on a bicycle who sold us some from his private stock. I paid him. He disappeared with his bicycle. Chris said my money is gone after he did nit come back within 20min. I said wait. After 25 minutes he come back with beer in cans and ice in a plastic bag. Just perfect.

Back to the Hotel … had the beer in the court-yard with pigeons shitting every now and then 3 meters next to us… strange but fine. I had plenty of ideas how to get rid of them, but that’s the hotels issue.

Esquinapa, Sinaloa to Guadalajara, Jalisco (400km)
Next Morning Juan showed up at 9:30 instead of 8am, we looked at pur options and went down the road to a welder shop. That guy Juan took us to welded the engine head cover and helped us to put the most difficult parts back in place for about 40min and only asked for 4 US Dollar. Back to the Hotel Juan helped us and when he left he said call me if you need something else. We assembled the Honda back together again and called Juan later for seals that came out damaged. No one had some, bit Juan had. At 3pm we have set off for Guadalajara. Engine running as smart as ever.

At 9pm we arrived in Guadalajara and found that the Hostel was not having parking for the motorcycles. We looked at an other one and have been lucky to get hold of the last two beds. Showered and went for dinner.

What a day ! Just WUNDERBAR !

Guadalajara (2 days rest)
We changed from the hostel to a hotel, since one of the guys in the room with us was missing his sun glasses (he said stolen) and we where looking for a little more comfort. So we found a reasonable hotel. Later in the afternoon we went o Tlaquepaque and had lunch with Miguel and his family (wife and daughter) and enjoyed the atmosphere of a historic suburb of Guadalajara with lost of shops, art, handcrafts and restaurants. We had a great afternoon and spent the evening at the Hotel.

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On Monday the 10NOV we planned the rest of Mexico and the route and what need to be seen and what will be left aside. Miguel’s inputs have been very helpful and I will see what Mexico will offer me in the next two weeks. I m exited about to discover it.