Back home in Germany: Blessed, Enriched and Happy !!!

31st December 2015: Sindelfingen, Germany

It took me some days to find the mood to write down these few words. I arrived safely on 15th December 2015 back home in Germany.
I arrived dry, happy and most of all safely back home at my parents place where my family has prepared a little “Welcome back” party at my arrival.

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My “little” journey took me:
A 484 days of travel
A total distance of 95.000km,
through 36 different countries (in northern and southern America, Africa, Asia and Europe)
a lot of border crossings and visa applications, planning and routing, and hours in front of the computer and in the saddle.

With one accident in the highlands of Peru that I caused myself without harming somebody else, zero theft and plenty of lucky situations where I received shelter and protection I made it home safely.

This travel and the people I met have changed me a lot. I found a lot within myself and the time in the saddle was giving me the chance to let go what was pulling me down. So the idea of taking a break and to go “for a little ride” was, from today’s perspective, the best that I could do. I am a happy man again and I am ready for the next chapters of my life. Batteries charged !!!

Many questions arise from people that meet me already since my arrival. The main one is “What’s next ? What are you planning to do?” And to answer this one I will take my time in the next weeks and the beginning of the new year 2016. Since I quit my job before I left I am free now to decide. I have a couple of business ideas that might work and that I want to look into to evaluate the opportunities where in parallel some applications in the German automotive and motorcycle industry are in my mind. Beside that I am waiting for snow and to go skiing in the alps and to meet my friends that I haven’t seen for a few 16 months in Thüringen, Regensburg, Munich, Vienna and Zürich. Also preparation the motorcycle for the next season is on my to do list and to update this website with pictures and travel reports. So all this will keep me busy in the near future.

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I was truly blessed, had a unique time and “shaped my soul” in 2015 and like to wish this to the readers of this post for the New Year 2016.
Stay tuned and lets meet again somewhere and have a ride, a chat or some food and drinks together.

Happy New Year !!!
Stay Tuned,