About Me

Roland, born in ’75, German, from Stuttgart, I took a break to charge batteries and traveled the “Panamericana” and Transafrica via the east route with my motorbike, one of the first Triumph Tiger Exlorers (TEX) from 2012.

There was a chance part in the decison to take a break, since no girlfriend, no kids and no liabilities in front of the bank (even some savings) that all come together this time and make me able to simply do it.

There was a risk part in the decison to quit the job, my appartment and sell the car, since I will be starting at zero when I return.

There was a adventure part in the decision to realise a dream to ride the worlds longest road (Panamericana) and crossing Africa and traveling though the Middle East to see so many countries/cultures/climates ant to experience the 4 given elements and connect them with the fifth one.

I charged my batteries in 16 months on the road in 2014/2015 and through this adventure ride.
I was belessed, enriched with all the cultures I have met and I am still taking energy every day from this unique experience.

Be my guest on this website, get inspired and realise your own dreams afterwards.

Stay tuned,